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If grading is not purchased through New Horizon we will not be held liable for any flaws in our concrete slab or any concrete work done by our contractor.
If you choose to do your own grading your grade needs to be within .25 inch level. The best way to ensure you are on grade is to have a laser transit accessible to you.
If grading is not purchased through New Horizon and our contractors come out to pour your concrete and they cannot due to the homeowners error then there will be a return trip fee of $300.00
The concrete contractor need to have a clear access to within 30' of where the pad is to be poured. If for any reason there is not clear access to the site you will be charged an additional fee to have the concrete bucketed into site.
If your sire is not dry enough for a concrete truck to pull in and they get stuck New Horizon will nor be held liable for any damage done by the said concrete truck. As a homeowner it is your responsibility to ensure your property is dry and ready for concrete work.
If you purchase grading after the pad is poured it is the homeowners responsibility to prevent the ground from eroding ex: sow grass, haul in rock, etc.. if you choose not to do so New Horizon can not be held liable.
All payments are to be made to New Horizon Buildings and Concrete, LLC in form of a certified check payable at time of arrival.
If you are purchasing a certified building it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure the inspector is arriving morning of pour to inspect the pad and or footers.
New Horizon wants to make the customer aware that there could be slight color differences in the concrete if more than one truck is needed and New Horizon cannot be held liable for this as it is an act of nature.
Our standard concrete slab is 4" thick and 3,000 psi mix. We do offer a 4,000 and 5,000 mix for an additional cost if preferred.