New Horizon Buildings and Concrete

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4047 US Hwy 311

Randleman, NC 27317

    Please read carefully as all information listed below applies to your building and building site to be installed. Please initial each row.

    Our contractors need clear access to the site in which your building is to be installed. If for any reason there is not clear access and materials have to be manually unloaded farther than 30 away from site there will be an additional fee added.

    Our contractors need access to a power source this can be an extension cord or a generator. If these are not available New Horizon can provide one at an additional cost of $75.00.

    While our contractors are on site please stay back at least 50' from job site as their insurance only covers themselves and their workers.

    When our contractors arrive you will need to pay for the materials up front with a certified check and when they are finished the remaining balance is paid to the installer directly. Before the arrival of the contractor's your salesperson will give you the break down on all final payments.

    If you choose not to purchase a certified building New Horizon can not be held responsible for any repercussions from your county.

    If you choose to purchase a certified building New Horizon will not pull any permits from your county however we will provide you the certified engineered blueprints needed. As a homeowner you will be responsible to do so.

    If purchasing a certified building after completion it is the homeowners responsibility to make arrangements with the inspector for final inspection of the building. If for any reason there is questions or the inspector has issues with the building New Horizon will make appropriate changes to satisfy the local requirements for the building.